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You now can have all addresses in the Czech Republic on your computer or in your own app.

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Why use OKadresy?

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Use in your own applications

You can use data from the basic register of territorial identification, addresses and real estate (RUIAN) when entering and checking addresses in your application.

Daily updates

The OKadresy database is updated daily. The database of addresses, municipalities, streets, and other elements will always be complete, accurate, and up to date in accordance with the register.

Works even without internet

You can also work with the registry offline. You only need an internet connection for updates.

Recording the history of changes

OKadresy keeps the history of changes in items as well as of items no longer valid. This is an advantage over accessing RUIAN alone, as the register contains only the current status.

Easy installation

OKadresy can be installed and made operational by simply entering a few parameters.

Compatibility between service systems

You can communicate efficiently with other systems connected to RUIAN.

What is our experience?

Dozens of satisfied customers

OKadresy is used by banks, insurance companies, telephone operators, state security and rescue services, and other satisfied customers.

We are co-authors of RUIAN

Our specialists have participated in development of the register from the very beginning. We know everything about it.

We are authors of the UIR–ADR Register

This register served successfully in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs long before RUIAN was built and also was one of RUIAN’s cornerstones.

Pricelist - RUIAN

Price License Support
/1 year/
Local installation of RUIAN with program for updating data CZK 37,500 CZK 7,500
Local installation of RUIAN including definition points with program for updating data CZK 50,000 CZK 10,000
RUIAN local installation extension pack that maintains the UIR-ADR local interface CZK 8,500 CZK 1,700
Extensions for GPS coordinates in WGS 84 format CZK 25,000 CZK 5,000
Extensions for elements boundaries and street lines CZK 100,000 CZK 20,000

The stated prices do not include VAT. One license is valid for installation on one physical server. Purchase of the license does not entitle the user to provide OKadresy to third parties. You can contact our hotline by telephone or e mail. Our support also guarantees correction of reported errors and delivery of new versions of the program, including incorporation of the RUIAN changes.

We have prepared a licensing program for cooperating companies. If you have your own solution that uses OKadresy licenses, we can offer you attractive benefits. We will be happy to provide you more detailed information.

What are your most frequently asked questions?

Will the addresses always be up to date?

Absolutely. All addresses in the Czech Republic. Updates are downloaded every day without your needing to intervene. You can choose the time of download – for example at night so that you always have up-to-date data in the morning.

Do you offer customer support if needed?

Yes, we do. When you need help, you can use our assistance by telephone, in writing, or in person. We guarantee to incorporate changes in the RUIAN register quickly.

We use UIR-ADR and heard the system is not supported anymore. Do you have a solution for us?

Yes, we do. We can provide you with an extension pack having the same interface as UIR-ADR. You can easily migrate to the new register with minimal impact to your application. The codes of the individual elements remain the same.

Can I use OKadresy for my own project?

Yes, you can. With our solution, you can easily enter and search addresses, incorporate RUIAN into map applications, connect it with flood zone detection applications, and other individual modifications. The register support greatly facilitates entering addresses. A user may enter an address just in part or even incorrectly and the program offers suggestions. You avoid pasting in a nonexistent address and duplications. Your data will be accurate and your shipments will always find their recipients.

Do I need a permanent internet connection to work with the database?

No. Once you have up-to-date data, you can work with the database completely offline. This will greatly increase speed and efficiency.

What do I need for working with OKadresy?

You need only a PC with JAVA installations. We support Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL (or others which can be discussed individually). Internet access is required to download updates.

What kind of information does OKadresy contain?

Addresses, municipalities, municipality subdivisions, streets... The basic data range is identical to that in the original UIR-ADR system. Moreover, we offer additional extension packs, such as definition points, element boundaries, plots, and conversion to GPS coordinates. You can instantly view an address on the map in your app.

Will you help me in implementing OKadresy into my project?

Yes, we will. We will clean your existing databases of multiple entries and unify your addresses with the RUIAN register. We will provide links to third-party applications.

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