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Have you been unable to find a product on the market that would fully meet your organization’s needs? We will create a tailor-made solution for you. Efficient, perfectly secured, and user-friendly.

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A tailor-made solution corresponding precisely to your requirements

Utilizing the latest technology, the solution will be sufficiently flexible to grow with you for many years while evolving to meet all the future needs that successful development of your business will bring.

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  • Flexible development
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Modern technology

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We develop complex and interconnected systems for tens of thousands of users and upon which basis run key activities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


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30 years of experience in custom development

We have more than 30 years of experience in custom development. From large-scale systems forming the critical information infrastructure of the state through key internal information systems supporting business, logistics, and manufacturing to web and mobile applications. In practice, it is often about getting the right combination from all the above.


Critical infrastructure

Extensive systems operating 24/7. Billions of data records, thousands of users working simultaneously.


Logistics and sales

User-friendly programs that support key business activities. Integration with other systems and access for clients and business partners are standard aspects.


Web and mobile applications

Applications that are intuitive and easy to use allow working from home and in the field.

Who are our customers?

Petr Gottesman

In addition to impeccable functionality, performance, and availability, we emphasize the uncompromising security of our solutions. At the same time, we are committed to user-friendliness. Only a system that is easy and pleasant to work with will be used by your employees, clients, and partners gladly and frequently.

Ing. Petr Gottesman


Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Since 1993, we have been developing and managing a comprehensive modular system for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The project encompasses areas of support for people served in conducting certain social policies, labor and employment, and payment of social benefits.

The newly built client zone and automation of a number of processes bring comfort and efficiency to citizens interactions with the state, which are common, for example, in electronic banking.



VacayMyWay, a platform for short-term property rentals, was created with the ambition to provide better services to landlords and tenants than do other, similar projects presently existing. It stands out from the competition by offering lower fees, open communication with customers, and an extended range of local services. The platform has thousands of properties on offer, mostly from the U.S., and plans to expand to other countries around the world.

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